The Leafless: Live at Art House

With The Leafless, you never know what to expect. Technical ability, expanding notions of genre, and exploring new textures are all held in equal esteem. Grant Flick colors the music with virtuosic violin. Mandolinist Ethan Setiawan drives the groove. Jacob Warren keeps it steady and soars with melodies on the bass.

Grant, Ethan and Jacob first met after being invited to participate in the 2015 Acoustic Music
Seminar (AMS) led by multi-instrumentalist Mike Marshall at the Savannah Music Festival in GA. AMS invites 16 of the most promising young acoustic string musicians from around the world to participate in week of intensive playing and networking with top artists in the field, culminating in a featured performance. Following the festival, and a few summer jams, The Leafless was formed.

Together, The Leafless create sounds as unique as the many paths that have led them to each other. As these young players come of age, they look to share with others their love of diverse performances unbounded by genre. They seek to continue to approach music with a sense of curiosity and exploration fueled by youthful energy.

Tickets available online!

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